EDMONTON -- Alberta Health Services has ordered a Whyte Avenue lounge to close citing numerous violations of health rules and COVID-19 safety precautions. 

Mist Bar and Lounge and its owners were issued a verbal order on Nov. 14 and written orders were issued on Nov. 18 and Nov. 19, all mandating the lounge close until it passes a further inspections.

The orders cite numerous health issues, including: 

  • Perishable food being stored at unsafe temperatures
  • Rotten and mouldy foods in a cooler
  • Handwashing sinks lacked soap and paper towels
  • The dishwasher wasn't equipped with sanitizer and didn't reach adequate temperatures
  • The kitchen was not maintained in a "clean and sanitary condition" including food, grime, dirt and debris on kitchen surfaces

Inspectors also found multiple violations around provincially-mandated COVID-19 procedures, including: 

  • Tables and chairs arranged closer than two metres together
  • No rapid response plan if a patron or staff showed symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19
  • Limited signage to notify patrons of steps to limit spread of COVID-19

A signed order of an executive officer requires the facility to post better signage, develop a COVID-19 response plan,  improve kitchen cleanliness and arrange chairs and tables to comply with COVID-19 regulations. 

The lounge may reopen once it passes subsequent inspections.

On Thursday, the city of Edmonton recorded 426 new cases of COVID-19, its largest one-day increase to date. The city's active cases also hit an all-time high at 3,459.