As of week 3, we are working out every day: going to the gym or doing it at home. Everything seems so easy and calm now. This is our new life… Where did the time go? Time is flying by and when you aren’t focusing on the actual big change that this all is it goes so much more smoothly.

After a week that included a trip to the grocery store with Loreen Wales from Revive Wellness and our exercises with personal trainer Laura, we had our second official weigh in, Dean and I both don’t want to share how much weight we lose or gain every week and will share at the end of this 3 months. But I assure you, we both have seen fantastic results and it was even more motivating.

But it isn’t just about the weight, we have stopped so many bad habits, we have made more time for each other and as a family. We have more energy, we feel… GOOD. Our bodies are starting to thank us for this. I hear the term “Respect the skin you are in” so often and it is true.


Be good to yourself; treat yourself to the good that life offers, whether that is a good well balanced meal, a good long walk to get rid of your daily stresses, a soak in the tub or whatever makes you happy. Do it. Make time for you.

In the time we have been doing this, and after a chat with a dear friend Barry F. this is now our main priority. Barry said to us something similar to this... How can we be good to others, or be the best employee, best wife/husband, mom/dad if we aren’t good to ourselves first? Think about that for a second… How true, right?

All it takes is that first step in the door of Revive Wellness or Body By Bennett, or to your therapist or Doctor to get you started, or take your own path. Go to your local gym and give yourself 30 minutes for YOU. Make a delicious colorful meal and thoroughly enjoy every bite. It is the little things that will help you succeed.

What is a well-balanced meal? A balanced meal is ½ of your plate of vegetables, ¼ plate protein, ¼ plate starch/grain, along with some healthy fats.

Try to eat every 2-3 hours. To quote Revive Wellness “This will help to provide your body and brain with a consistent supply of energy and minimize your risk of overeating at a meal or snack”.

So far this week we do not eat anything unless it is weighed or measured. Except for when we went out for dinner! We ordered a salad with Chicken breast (grilled) and Dean got milk as well.

I smile as I write this because we have changed so much. I even told Dean yesterday it is like I have a different Husband. LOL