Our appointment with Revive Wellness was at our house this week, Loreen came with CTV and checked our pantry. That was scary.

We almost felt bad that we were feeding these foods to our son Caleb, but we learned so much!!

The biggest things we took away from it:

  • Read ingredients this is what we look at now instead of nutritional facts.
  • If you can’t read the words, don’t buy it.
  • This is NOT a diet, it is a lifestyle change, and what a great one it is!
  • Fuel your body properly! Well balanced meals.
  • Pizza, burgers, chips, popcorn etc. are all acceptable in moderation
  • Try not to eat past 7pm
  • Diet Pop or anything without real sugar isn’t good for you and actually causes insulin resistance! SCARY!
  • We can have popcorn with melted Cheese and veggies for supper if we want! HA HA!

What did we get rid of?

  • Margarine, we are now a yummy butter family
  • Diet pop or pop in general. Anyone who knows us knows this one alone is a HUGE accomplishment. Diet Pepsi and Regular pepsi were always in our house.
  • Mio, Dasani etc water enhancers. NO GOOD FOR YOU! I got crystallized Lemon and Lime packets from Revive Wellness for my water.

And so much more!

We have learned also that we need way more Tupperware and an empty fridge to fit the meal planning in.  We also got introduced to the website MyVivaplan.com and what a website it is! It is amazing to not have to track food, calories etc anymore. It is a daily reflection to keep you thinking about what you did or didn’t do all day. This will be a staple in our lives forever now. We jumped right in and started the next day for our first week of Meal planning.

Our second week wasn’t as crazy as the first week as we fell more into a routine (Yes that quick!) But it was a tough week. I  had a cousin pass away unexpectedly; so we had some people in. I had to leave my work and I was working a lot more than usual and everything around me seem to be in disarray. But our family is strong and stayed strong during this, work balanced out and we never let any of it affect our progress.