EDMONTON -- Edmontonians will elect a new mayor and city council on Oct. 18, but most of the faces could be familiar with nine of the 13 current city council members having announced they are seeking office again. 

Eight of those nine are seeking re-election to council, while Coun. Mike Nickel is the lone councillor running for mayor.

Three members of city council, including Mayor Don Iveson, have said they aren't seeking re-election.

Here's a breakdown of current councillor's intention when it comes to the upcoming election:

  • Mayor Don Iveson  - not running for re-election
  • Coun. Moe Banga - running for re-election in Sspomitapi
  • Coun. Tim Cartmell - running for re-election in Pihêsiwin
  • Coun. Tony Caterina - running for re-election in O-day’min
  • Coun. Jon Dziadyk - running for re-election in tastawiyiniwak
  • Coun. Bev Esslinger - running for re-election in Anirniq
  • Coun. Sarah Hamilton - running for re-election in sipiwiyiniwak
  • Coun. Ben Henderson - undecided
  • Coun. Andrew Knack - running for re-election in Nakota Isga
  • Coun. Scott McKeen - not running for re-election
  • Coun. Mike Nickel - running for mayor
  • Coun. Aaron Paquette - running for re-election in Dene
  • Coun. Michael Walters - not running for re-election

Coun. Ben Henderson told CTV News he will announce his intentions by the end of March. 

Because of the renaming and redesigning of the city's 12 wards, some councillors may represent different areas than they currently serve. 

The campaign period opened Jan.1 and the nomination period began on Jan. 4. The nomination period closes on Sept. 20.

So far, all incumbent city councillors except for Knack, Hamilton and Caterina have filed their paperwork to run again, according to the city's candidate database. 

As of Thursday morning, 40 candidates have filed paperwork to run for city council across all 12 wards.

Incumbents have won 26 out of the last 27 races based on the past three elections and including mayor and council races.