EDMONTON -- As protests intensify following the death of George Floyd, a black Minnesota man who was killed after a white police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes, many are having conversations surrounding race relations in both Canada and America.

MacEwan Univeristy sociology professor Dr. Kalyani Thurairajah joined CTV News Edmonton to discuss the protests and how they're affecting black Edmontonians.

Thurairajah teaches a number of courses related to racism and ethnic relations and is "interested in the relationship between multiculturalism and racism in Canada, and how this relationship shapes the national identity," according to a profile on MacEwan's website.

She is also conducting a study on how Canadians are taught about racial relations throughout history and how it shapes their current understanding of ethnic tensions.

She encouraged people to take the time to learn about the issues.

"You don't have to rush to form an opinion, I think we often think that 'I need to know what I think right now,' you don't need to," Thurairajah said. "Go out and take the time to read and learn, to listen."

She said knowing the difference between 'not racist' and 'anti-racist' actions is important in addressing racism in Canada. 

Thurairajah has provided a list of resources for those who want to educate themselves further, donate and learn what local organizations are doing to fight racism.