Local hip hop artist, Roland Pemberton - professionally known as Cadence Weapon - is the City of Edmonton's next poet laureate.

The 23-year-old is recognized internationally as an accomplished hip hop artist.

Under his professional name, Cadence Weapon, his albums Breaking Kayfabe and Afterparty Babies earned him recognition from the international media.

"I'm honoured that the City of Edmonton has considered me to be their poet laureate, a worthy chronicler of events and a representative of the diversity and cultural breadth of Edmontonians," said Pemberton.

Pemberton will be Edmonton's third poet laureate and was nominated by local artist Trevor Anderson, who stated in his nomination letter, "Pemberton is a poet of the people, and I think that might be the most important qualification for the poet laureate to hold".

Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel said the young man will bring poetry a new audience.

"We want young Edmontonians to be involved in shaping our city. I know Roland Pemberton will be a great Edmonton ambassador to the rest of the world," said Mandel.

Pemberton is a lifelong Edmontonian and is the son of Teddy Pemberton, the host of The Black Experience on CJSR. And his grandfather, Rollie Miles, played for the Edmonton Eskimos from 1951-1961 and played in five CFL championship games.

Pemberton will serve a two-year term as Edmonton's Poet Laureate.