An NHL fan is hoping his sick father gets to see at least one last hockey game before succumbing to cancer.

John Dick’s father Bruce has been diagnosed with terminal throat cancer.

The two have been watching Oilers games together for years and are particularly fond of Ryan Smyth.

“Yeah, we like Ryan Smyth, he’s got heart,” said Bruce Monday.

With the NHL locked out the father and son haven’t been able to enjoy their favourite past time together and John is starting to worry time is running out.

He made a video explaining his frustration with the lockout and posted it on YouTube. It’s already gotten thousands of views and hundreds of comments.

In it, John says he wants the owners and players to find an agreement soon. “I hope the doctors and nurses who keep my dad alive get a raise and you guys get your asses back on the ice before it’s too late,” said John in the video speaking to NHL officials.

“Surely there is enough money there to go around. Let’s distribute it out so everyone is happy. For me especially this year, but I’m being selfish,” said Bruce who is currently living in Palliative Care.

“It’s woven into our society, Canadian society, especially Alberta with the Oilers and the Flames too,” continued Bruce.

The two men said sitting together and watching a good old hockey game would help them get them through these tough times.

“It gives us both some inspiration, comfort, the tradition of walking hockey,” said John.

The journalism graduate tells CTV news when he was a kid, Gretzky, Currie and Messier seemed as if they were 15 feet tall. He said he only regards one other person in that same manner – his father.