EDMONTON -- Little more has been made public about a homicide investigation south of Edmonton than what was released by police on Friday after a man was found dead in his Wetaskiwin home.

A house near 48 Street and 49 Avenue had been taped off and the scene of a police investigation for two days as of Sunday evening.

Wetaskiwin resident Alec Roberts, who lives down the street from the house, says another neighbour heard three gunshots in the area Friday night.

Mounties were called to the home at 10 p.m. and found a man dead.

“It scares me. It scares my wife. It scares my kids and it’s too close to home,” Roberts told CTV News Edmonton.

Since calling it a homicide investigation on Saturday, RCMP have not confirmed any details about what happened at the address.

CTV News Edmonton was told investigators are “not prepared at this time to release information.”

Police also would not say if there was a danger to the public following the incident, although Mayor Tyler Gandam said he had been told there was no public threat.

A fundraiser has identified the victim as a 34-year-old father to six children.

Roberts told CTV News Edmonton he knew the youth better than their parents.

“They used to play with my children. They seemed to be good kids, very energetic,” Roberts said.

“After a few years they just stopped coming over. Things changed at the house: we noticed problems, you know, cops here more than once or twice.”

Authorities are urging anyone with information about the incident to call police.

With a report from CTV News Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson