Jason and Samantha Bauer are selling their home in Beaver County, just east of Sherwood Park.

But there’s a twist.

The house and property will go to the person who writes the right essay or letter.

The Bauers bought the property 17 years ago and began working on their dream home. But with aging parents, and a growing travel bug, their needs and wants have shifted.

“Life’s kind of just changed direction for us,” Jason Bauer told CTV News Edmonton, while sitting in an Adirondack chair by the fire pit on the expansive property. “Priorities have changed, and we want to do more and have less.”

They chose to go with the contest, after hearing stories of others who have done the same. Back in January, an essay contest was launched for a $1.7 million dollar home in Millarville, southwest of Calgary.

In the Bauers’ case, the entry fee is $250. The winning essay or letter will be chosen by a panel of five judges, and 4 runners up will be chosen to receive their entry fee back, likely in the form of a prepaid Visa or Mastercard.

“We end up basically selling it, and somebody gets a deal of a lifetime,” said Jason.

The exterior of the house is finished and covered in siding. The interior is framed, wired and plumbed, but not finished.

The property includes a couple of smaller buildings, in various states of disrepair.

“We want everybody to know 100 per cent what they’re getting up front. Like it’s not perfect. It needs work. It needs somebody’s love,” said Samantha.

The criteria will be up to the judges, who have not yet been appointed, but spelling and grammar will not be included.

The Bauers admit they’ll be sad to leave their home, but they hope the contest will help them find someone else to finished what they started nearly two decades ago.

“It’s us giving up on a dream, but hopefully helping somebody else start a dream,” said Jason.

The contest will close at the end of August, or when the Bauers receive 2,500 entries. If they don’t receive enough to cover the value of the property, the contest could be extended, or even cancelled.

Refunds will be issued if the contest is cancelled.