EDMONTON -- What started as a bonding experience with dad has turned into a bit of a summer job for two young girls in Beaumont.

Charlotte and Miriam Cox, eight and six years old, respectively, are picking up golf balls and selling them by the dozen for $2.

The girls first fill up bags with balls; they then take them home, wash them, and get them ready for delivery.

"We pack the golf balls and go to drive to the person's house," Charlotte told CTV News Edmonton.

The young girls are saving money to pay for golf lessons and to help others play their favourite sport.

"Lessons for other kids to golf, buying other kids golf equipment, donating to Sport Central," their dad, Jerad Cox, said. "They've got a lot of different ideas right now."

And with summer just about to start, Charlotte and Miriam will likely continue to benefit from more lost golf balls.