EDMONTON -- The sounds of chainsaws chewing through ice rang out through Borden Park Monday, prepping the raw materials for a spectacular winter event.

Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Fete will be returning to our city with the promise of bright lights and massive ice sculptures. Though its return will be coming with a few changes.

"This year it’s a non-festival," organizer Christy Morin said. "We're calling it a fete as we have completely reinvented Deep Freeze into more illustrations, installations, lights, lanterns, beauty, story, and have really spread out."

Normally taking place along 118 Avenue, COVID-19 protocols have moved the event into Borden Park and seven Alberta Avenue community leagues. Each of the different community league will have ice sculptures and art telling a story that will link with the area’s cultural heritage.

But the biggest spectacle will be in Borden Park.

“There's several different sculptures in it and they will be all throughout the park; and also lighting sculptures; we have Dylan toymaker doing sidewalks, and you'll see a large giant whale hanging in a tree. So you know you're gonna see sort of a whimsical park full of light and the sculptures that are mesmerizing,” said Morin.

The magic is open to the public starting Friday and will run for 10 days. Visit the event's website for a full list of times and locations.