EDMONTON -- There’s no question a man living in Fort McMurray man has become a TikTok sensation with videos he calls “I Need Answers.” 

Jesse Geneau has over two million followers by pondering things like if stairs go up or down.

“I’ve always had this brain where I’m always thinking of these crazy shower thoughts. Things like,‘Is water wet? If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, then why did it fall off?’” says Geneau.

And it’s a fairy tale story for the 24-year-old when it comes to social media. His videos have made him a sensation since he started posting them a few months ago.

“Before September 15, I had a million followers on TikTok. And now, today, I have 2.4 million,”he says. “It’s crazy. It’s been an intense month and a half.”

Geneau, who still works a full time job, is recognized on the street in Fort McMurray, and also is becoming known around the world.

“Celebrities follow me, managers in L.A., clothing brands are hitting me up.”

And now he has just launched his own clothing brand, selling “I Need Answers” t-shirts, but he says the goal of his videos isn’t to get rich.

“I never thought about money, money is a by-product of laughs and smiles.”

Geneau, who lost his father in a car accident when he was 10, says laughing helps him and countless others get through life.

“I get so many messages of people saying in this dark time in the world, my videos really help people get through days and make people smile.”

Even though he’s made 93 videos asking questions, he says there’s actually only one answer.

“Putting smiles on people’s faces is the only answer.”​