EDMONTON -- Volunteers handed out hundreds of warm clothes and meals to Edmontonians in need on Saturday.

Al Rashid Mosque and Penny Appeal Canada teamed up for the Cold Days Warm Hearts program.

Volunteers handed out more than 500 meals and 300 care kits on Saturday.

The winter care kits include toques, scarves, and gloves, and the food is bought at local restaurants.

Saturday's meals came from Bedouin's restaurant in Castle Downs.

“It's really only possible because of the help of our volunteers. I'm really surprised every time how at the drop of a hat all the people who can come out, whether it's a church or mosque or any group,” said Akeel Khan of Penny Appeal Canada. “Edmontonians have a spirit of wanting to help others and I think that's really beautiful and reflects really well on our community.”

A total of 1,300 meals and 415 winter care kits will be given out through the campaign this winter.