EDMONTON -- Montreal bagels are rolling into our city to help with a local fundraiser effort.

BBYO Bagels for Breakfast has been taking orders for the specialty treat, raising money for the B’Nai Brith youth organization.

The organization began with modest expectations, but ended up selling 468 dozen bagels from the Fairmount bagel in Montreal.

“It’s just been overwhelming. We expected to sell 200-250 dozen bagels. Up to this minute I can still feel my phone buzzing,” said co-organizer Stacey Leavitt-Wright. “People are asking, 'Are there more bagels? Can I be a part of this?' So it’s really exciting.”

Money raised will help pay for programming and membership fees.

“The kids are working hard to helping us raise this money, and they appreciate the support from the community and just how people have galvanized and want to support the kids, and enjoy the bagels," Leavitt-Wright said.