A city-wide seasonal parking ban went into effect early Friday morning – and along with it, a potential ticket for drivers who left their vehicles parked on residential bus routes.

As of 7 a.m. Friday, parking was prohibited on affected routes, which are marked by seasonal no-parking signs – and are listed online.

While it’s the second seasonal parking ban to be brought in, it caught a number of drivers off-guard, as evidenced by the 247 parking tickets handed out throughout the day.

When the parking ban was announced Thursday, city officials said enforcement would be strict – anyone who parks on affected roads at any time during the ban will face a $50 ticket, and may be towed at a cost of $100.

The ticket that greeted Elmer Gates when he went to his car Friday struck a nerve; he said there should have been more warning.

“If they are going to do this, more notice,” Gates said. “They can put up a sign; they can put up whatever, but give us more notice.”

Councillor Bryan Anderson called the seasonal parking ban a compromise, from an all-out ban between October and March – and he said drivers were given more than eight hours’ notice.

“They probably won’t get a ticket the next time we put in a parking ban, they will probably pay attention,” Anderson said.

“They need to take responsibility for finding out when that vehicle has to be removed, and the snow is the advanced warning.”

Officials said vehicles that are parked on roads that have already been cleared while the ban is in effect will still face a ticket.

“Please wait until the parking ban is lifted,” City of Edmonton Director of Roadway Maintenance Bob Dunford said. “I realize it can be a bit of an inconvenience for people, but it’s a necessary thing in order to get the roads cleaned properly.”

Information on the parking ban and other winter road maintenance work can be found on the City of Edmonton website, through the city’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, and by signing up for their e-mail notification system.

The parking ban is expected to remain in effect until Monday morning.

With files from Sonia Sunger