Four people were recognized for their bravery during their time at the Glenrose Hospital with the Courage Awards Wednesday.

This is the 14th year for the Courage Awards which recognize those who demonstrate extraordinary courage during their rehabilitation journeys.

“It's a huge honour and it's just nice to be surrounded by so many loving people and so many amazing people in my life,” said recipient Kendra Erhardt.

Erhardt became a paraplegic after a skiing accident this past winter.

Adam Knox, another recipient, lost his legs after being hit by a train in 2012 while at work.

“The biggest thing is attitude. Attitude is a choice. You can choose to feel sorry for yourself or be upset at the world or you can choose to look at it as an obstacle to overcome,” said Knox. “I find that life doesn't give you more than you handle but will also give you more so you are able to grow."

The other two recipients are Guy Genereux and Jordan Gagnon.

Genereux fell from scaffolding while trimming branches on a tree, he underwent more than 20 surgeries and also dealt with organ failure.

Gagnon has Giant Axonal Neuropathy, a condition described as ALS for kids. The disorder is slowly affecting Gagnon’s nervous system and she requires a wheelchair for mobility.

The ceremony took place at the Glenrose Hospital.