Robert Murray is using his art skills to beautify backyards. His work is now being widely talked about, and he's quickly becoming a highly sought after artist.

The Morinville man turns ordinary fences into colourful works of art.

"I'm gobsmacked,” homeowner Annette Supruniuk said. “It's outstanding. I am honoured to own Robert Murray originals.”

The fence murals started in Murray’s own backyard before posting the final product on social media.

"It exploded,” Murray said. “People started seeing this and the emails began to come and whatnot and the inquiries and then they told their friends."

That was late April. Since then, Murray estimates he's painted 50 fences in the Edmonton area, putting in over 100 hours of work.

"I've painted from seascapes, landscapes, mountainscapes, you name something. That's been kind of near and dear to these folks hearts and the results have been very positive actually," Murray said.

His work has been especially well received during the pandemic.

"Many folks have said they can't afford to leave their home because of the COVID situation, so they thought lets invest a few dollars in our backyard and bring that vacation site to us."

"This is my personal oasis. He created this for me. I can't go anywhere this summer so this is where I'm spending my summer," Supruniuk said.

A man and his paint brush, turning the ordinary to extraordinary.

"It’s peace in my heart knowing that maybe I've added a little bit of happiness and some sunshine into the family's life and it really warms my heart, it really does," Murray said.