An Edmonton group says it is improving traffic safety by warning drivers of photo radar vans.

"I want safety on our streets," group member Jack Shultz told CTV Morning Live Edmonton Tuesday. "Having photo radar doesn't produce safety."

Edmonton Cash Cows members set up on the side of the road ahead of photo radar traps, waving signs to warn drivers.

Shultz says the group's efforts are making a difference and most of their feedback is positive.

"It proves that all you need to do is give a visual warning, you don't need to financially steal from hardworking Edmontonians," he said.

A 2014 study from the University of Alberta found that automated speed enforcement had a positive impact on road safety, decreasing severe collisions by 32 per cent and property damage collisions by 28 per cent.

According to the City of Edmonton, photo radar revenue funds traffic safety programs in the city. In 2018, revenue was $22 million.

Edmonton Cash Cows was founded in April 2017 and now has chapters around the province, including Grande Prairie, Morinville and Calgary. The 'cash cow' also travels, and is in Edson and Whitecourt this week.