A fire cleansing ceremony was held by the Idle No More movement Friday night.

Protestors gathered near the Epcor power plant on River Valley Road and 105 Street, which organizer Duane Goodstriker said was a historic burial ground.

“To support Chief Spence we’ve hung up our banner and we’re lighting these two fires today for all the Idle No More movements across the world,” Goodstriker said during the ceremony.

Chief Spence has been fasting to draw attention to opposition for Bill C-45. She is calling for a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Many First Nations people say the bill challenges their treaty rights.

“We are the original people of this land and we need to take back our place on this land to protect the waters and to protect the earth for the next generations to come,” Taz Bouchier said.

Bouchier told the crowd that she met with Chief Spence last week.

“She is very strong at this time, Chief Spence, and she wants the world to know that this is a peaceful demonstration.”

Bouchier also said she believed the Harper government would put economics before the environment.

“If he has the ability to make decisions especially on reserve land or Crown land,” she said, “His goal is to put through pipelines and to put through other things that will take care of the oil for other countries.”

“I do believe he is going to do irreparable damage.”

Protestors were invited to drop an offering into the fire.

“We believe spiritually she will be strengthened by this ceremony,” Bouchier explained.