Ruben Studdard, who was the season two winner of American Idol, performed for more than 300 people at a local production company's Christmas party Saturday night.

Axe Productions brought in the AI winner to surprise their employees and clients with a private show.

"It's always fun to surprise people," said Studdard. "Hopefully, they won't boo when I come on stage."

The audience showed their appreciation for the now turned gospel singer, cheering throughout his entire set.

As far as the company's Christmas parties goes, Axe Productions owner Jon Beckett says every year will be one surprise after another when it comes to the entertainment.

"We keep it top secret every year," says Beckett. "We want to build this into a thing where you got to show up if you want to see who is here. I think we've outdone ourselves a little this year."

As for Studdard, he is only in town for the one performance. He's returning to the States on Sunday to continue working on his album.