1.2 million Albertans have been immunized this season, but doctors have documented 1,200 more cases when compared to last.

According to the newest numbers from Alberta Health Services the flu has killed 12 Albertans in the last three weeks, six of which were in Edmonton totaling just over 30 for the season so far.

Similar to the last two seasons, Alberta is on track to reach about 60 flu deaths even with the substantial spike in the last three weeks.

“It's not unusual to bump in numbers around this time of year,” says Pharmacist Mike Wolowyk, “it's traditional to see that spike.”

Throughout the province about 1.2 million Albertans have received the flu shot, 390,000 of those, Edmontonians.

64 flu-related deaths were reported in Alberta during the last flu season according to AHS, and 62 the year before that.

It seems as though we are on track with normalcy, but the AHS said they don’t like to speculate as it’s very unpredictable.