A new Internet browser add-on that allows users to avoid seeing baby photos on Facebook is quickly gaining popularity online.

Unbaby.me is a new extension for Google Chrome browsers that “deletes babies from your newsfeed permanently by replacing them with awesome stuff.”

It was developed by New York-based Chris Baker and his two friends, who say the extension solves a problem more and more people are being faced with when they log onto Facebook.

“We ended up lamenting the fact that it has evolved into just a near-constant stream of baby pictures,” Baker said.

“We realized that if a lot of people were experiencing this than it was probably for a lot more people.”

The default setting on Unbaby.me changes baby photos to images of cats but users can customize it to show images from any RSS feed.

The extension was just released this week and already has more than 32,000 Facebook likes.

While many are getting on board with Unbaby.me, some mothers CTV News spoke with aren’t too happy with the idea.

“They want to change them into an animal or a tree, a landscape picture. I am sorry but I think my kid is cuter than a landscape picture,” said Aarthi Turcotte.

“I post a lot of pictures of my own kids and I mostly do that for my family members who live out of town,” said Tracey Lagerquist.

“Being a mother obviously you are proud of your children and I guess make an assumption that isn’t always true – that your friends would be interested in seeing the pictures of your babies.”

Walter Schwabe, a local social media consultant says applications like Unbaby.me brings social media etiquette to light.

Schwabe says instead of getting offended, try to take a look at the frequency of your posts.

“What are you doing to propagate certain reactions?” Schwabe says.

“One way or another, if you are doing something that is maybe unbalanced, take a look at that.”

Still Turcotte and Lagerquist say Facebook users should just try and be a bit more tolerant.

“I just think it’s pretty ridiculous, to go to that extent to change a picture, instead of ignoring it,” Turcotte said.

With files from Sonia Sunger