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'It achieved its aim': University of Alberta drops vaccine requirement

University of Alberta

Students and staff will no longer need proof-of-vaccination to attend the campuses of Alberta's two largest universities.

More than 97 per cent of students and 99.6 per cent of staff at the University of Alberta have now provided proof of at least two doses, a spokesperson confirmed Friday.

"We've been remarkably successful in securing high vaccination rates amongst all members of our community," said Andrew Sharman, executive lead of the U of A's public health response team.

In-person classes will resume on Feb. 28, without the Vaccination Directive policy that the university brought in last September.

"It achieved its aim. The community stepped up and made things safe," Sharman said.

The University of Calgary is also dropping its vaccine mandate, with officials there reporting a 99 per cent vaccination rate.

Despite those high rates some students in Edmonton told CTV News they're not happy about the change.

"The pandemic is very stressful, and coming to school can be very stressful at this time, as well, and I know that I felt a lot safer coming knowing that everyone is vaccinated," said Amanda Kramer.

"I think it’s important to keep people who are here vaccinated," agreed fellow-student Aldo Rios.

"I'd be more comfortable with people having been vaccinated…I feel safer," David Pham said.

Mandatory masking will remain in place until at least Apr. 27, while students in Calgary may be mask-free by March 1 if that city drops its bylaw then.

U of A students and staff are still being asked to stay home if they're sick, and personal health checks will still be used. Top Stories

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