The homeless man who found a valuable frame in a west Edmonton dumpster will use his earnings to reunite with his family in Ontario.

Adam Gillan sold an authentic animation cel of Disney classic “Bambi” to Alex Archbold for $20. The Curiosity Inc. owner then sold it on eBay for $3,700, and gave Adam half.

But Archbold’s good deed did not stop there. He set up a GoFundMe for Adam to get him off the streets and help him move back to Ontario, where his mother and his 19-year-old live, and where his three other children are moving.

“I didn’t know if he was dead or alive,” said Patti Gillan, Adam’s mother. “And I didn’t know how to get in touch with anybody to find him.”

She had not heard from her son in two years, and was in the process of adopting his three youngest children.

“I just had faith that we’d all be together, reunited together again one day,” Adam said.

Patti calls Archbold her son’s angel.

“It’s awesome to know people are out there that care and that are kind, especially Alex,” Adam said.

“My pleasure to help you out,” Archbold told Adam. “You’ll be able to get home before you know it.”

With files from Sarah Plowman