EDMONTON -- Instead of running away and hiding, when Doug Wamboldt witnessed three men smashing display cases and stealing jewelry at Southgate Centre Monday, he sprang into action.

First, he recorded the masked men frantically stealing jewelry from King's Fine Jewellery, and when they began to run away, Wamboldt gave chase.

"[I] caught one in a hallway, put him to the ground and dragged him back out into the mall where a couple other guys jumped on and we waited for the cops," Wamboldt said.

That man was taken into custody, but the other two remain at large and police do not have descriptions.

They got away with a significant amount of jewelry, according to King Fine Jewellery's owner.

"I'm very appreciative of what he did," owner Brian Nelson told CTV News. "I would hate to have someone injured in a situation like that and glad he didn't get injured, for sure."

The store was scheduled to close this weekend and move to Sherwood Park, but Southgate Centre will now let them stay longer to finish the closing sale.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Dan Grummett