EDMONTON -- A south Edmonton brewery is using its cans for more than just holding beer.

Town Square Brewing Co. beer cans feature colourful artwork that are commissioned from a staff member.

Patricia Taylor started as a server at the brewery after moving to Alberta in 2017, and when her boss found out she was a skilled artist he asked her if she was interested in designing cans.

"Every beer is different, why wouldn't we do the same with the labels," said owner Brandon Boutin.

Taylor says she's designed about 15 cans so far, and she is always open for more commission work.

"They tell me what the beer is about and then sort of what influenced the title of the beer or whatever it's called, I pitch ideas, they might have some ideas," said Patricia Taylor.

The owner says that each brew has a story behind it – inspired by employees, family and members of the community.

"It allows us to tell that story also, not just providing a liquid with a cool label, but you know, representing people that are on our team," said Boutin. "Or a story that happened within our organization."

The stories are then posted on their website or social media.

"At first it was definitely weird to see people walking around with four packs with designs on them that I created," said Taylor.

She says it's a cool experience seeing her artwork out in the real world.

"It's a great conversation starter."

Boutin says he likes supporting local artist and is always up for collaborations on future projects.

"Local artists are important, and supporting our community is the biggest thing," said Boutin. "That's our foundation."