EDMONTON -- Wine, gifts and the element of surprise: What's not to love?

Kid ninjas and wine fairies are sharing some joy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We can't hug our friends, we can't barely see our family, so being able to do something for other people that aren’t expecting it, I think it's awesome," Lesley Mutschke said.

Mutschke and her sister Leanne Oake are behind two St. Albert Facebook groups that are jumping on a national trend of clandestine gift giving.

The Wine Fairies group has 1,200 members and has done about 1,400 deliveries in St. Albert in just two weeks.

"People are loving the giving, it's knowing that you've made somebody's day," Oake said. "There's been so many people that have had awful days that this has just completely brightened their day."

The Kid NinjaFairies of St. Albert group started a week ago and already has almost 200 members.

"We're trying to celebrate all families," Mutschke explained. "The reaction has been incredible."

Members post about their surprise finds on the group page, thanking their anonymous benefactors and sharing how much the gifts meant to them.

Kid NinjaFairies post

The organizers hope the kindness will continue beyond COVID-19.