EDMONTON -- The mystery surrounding the Edmowood sign that has been showing up in various places around the city is over.

The sign was first spotted over a week ago near the Walterdale Bridge.

As it turned out, the ones behind the sign were closer to us at CTV News Edmonton than we ever would have thought — just down the hall, in fact.

Tuesday, Ty Jordan from 104.9 Virgin Radio revealed himself and his team to be the man, or people rather, behind the curtain.

“Edmonton's a big, beautiful city. I pitched the idea to my bosses, saying, 'What if we put up a big sign that says something ridiculous like Edmowood?’” said Jordan.

“That would get people’s attention, get them out exploring the city, following public health measures, and people have been loving it. “

Jordan had to be secretive about the sign. If people caught him and his team putting it up, he told them they had been hired by Kijiji.

“Luckily I’m not a famous person so (people) didn’t recognize me,” said Jordan. “I didn’t even tell some of my co-workers I was doing this, it was just me and a couple of people within Bell Media and Virgin Radio.”

The name Edmowood also had Edmontonians curious. Some thought it was for selling a product, but Jordan said the meaning was much simpler.

“Really it’s just a dumb, stupid, silly name that’s supposed to make you chuckle… kind of some stressful times in the news right now and I wanted to make my fellow Edmontonians laugh."

People can also post a picture with the hashtag #Edmowood to enter a Virgin Radio contest with a $1,000 prize. Virgin Radio and CTV are both owned by Bell Media.