EDMONTON -- Edmontonians gave a lot of love to the mothers in their lives Sunday, even if COVID-19 restrictions meant this Mother’s Day looked different than past ones.

“Going to take her these flowers, get some takeout, a nice card,” said Mitchell Watts, who was picking up flowers for his mom. “I appreciate my mom for being a great mother, she did a great job raising me.

“I’m very grateful to her for everything she’s done for me and I’m glad to be able to do some things for her now and then.”

Watts wasn’t alone in picking up flowers for a gift, Klondyke Flowers in St. Albert has been busy for the past five days, according to the owner.

“This year has been absolutely insane, we had to stop taking preorders a couple days ago just so we could get caught up on the orders and make sure we could get everything out today,” said Shannon Desrosiers, the owner of Klondyke Flowers.

“It’s much busier this year, because people can’t see each other, they haven’t seen their loved ones or their moms for quite a while.”

According to Desrosiers, flowers, like lumber, are trickier to get a hold of this year. She said the cost of a peony went from $5 last year, to $12 this year.

“There’s been shortages so it’s been harder to get flowers and there’s some flowers we just can’t get,” said Desrosiers.

Additional public health restrictions are starting tomorrow, so many took time today to get out and enjoy the nice weather while they still could.

“Me and my sister put her through a lot of trouble growing up, so the fact that she dealt with us… (she’s) pretty good,” laughed Robbie Mason, who was out for lunch with his mom.

“It’s been a wonderful day,” said Carole Mason. “Now that it’s been over a year, we are getting used to it and adjusting but we’d love to just jump on a plane and go to Mexico… but we’re safe and our family’s healthy.”

Canadian Brewhouse restaurants served up free lunches for mothers on Sunday, an opportunity to relax after a tough year, according to the regional manager.

“The people that are coming out, they’re happy to be coming out with their families, enjoying the beautiful day,” said Zach Yuzyk, the regional manager of the Canadian Brewhouse.

Others made their own outdoor setups, including a group of grandchildren who came out to visit their grandmother.

Mother's Day visit

“We’re still not allowed up to her apartment… so this is all we get with her really,” said Katrina Secord. “So we get to spend some time outside with her, which is awesome.

“We still get to see her, which is all we care about.”

Secord is visiting her grandmother who has dementia, but Maria Rutsatz still remembers spending time with her family on Mother’s Day.

“We usually have Mother’s Day all together,” said Rutsatz. “We have nice times together… I’m proud of all my grandchildren.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Touria Izri