A non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre which has helped countless people for more than three decades, will now need some help itself.

Our House Addiction Recovery Centre is struggling to pay a hefty bill when it unexpectedly discovered black mould in its kitchen recently.

A maintenance crew found one of the HVAC units was not working, and it’s suspected that led to condensation build up, said Laurie de Grace, the executive director of Our House.

The facility has a year-long program for men who live there. De Grace is worried the mould may be harmful to those with compromised immune systems.

“Whether they’re in remission or not, they might be vulnerable. And that’s why coming into this building could be a problem,” she said.

She estimates it could cost upwards of $400,000 for repairs and is pleading to the public for donations.

One of the residents has taken it upon himself to come up with a fundraising idea.

Rodney Ariss has approached the manager of Crunch gym to host a workout marathon. The details will be released at a later date.

“I come from a heavy addiction life. This place has been a foundation for the last five months to return to a normal life,” Ariss said. “I want to give something back.”

A GoFundMe page has also been set up.