An Edmonton man with a disability is calling out the City's parking enforcement for writing him a $100 parking ticket while unloading his daughter.

Mark Dunbar doesn't dispute he was parked illegally.

On Sept. 20, he arrived at his home near Commonwealth Stadium at 6:52 p.m. Security footage shows him leave the vehicle partially parked on the boulevard between the curb and his sidewalk. Less than a minute later, his pregnant wife walks into the house and he can be seen getting his young daughter from the back of the SUV.

"At this point, it was I'm in a little bit of pain and I was just like I'm not going to be long," Dunbar recalled for CTV News Edmonton.

A car crash left the Edmonton father with chronic back pain, which is why he has a disabled placard. He says both the placard and a stadium-area parking pass were visible.

As he's readying his daughter, a bylaw officer can be seen on the surveillance video approaching Dunbar.

By his account, she threatened to ticket him if he didn't immediately move the vehicle.

Dunbar says he explained it was his house he was briefly parked at, and that his disability makes it safer and easier for him to take his daughter in from there—but she reportedly began to write the ticket.  

"It's like five steps away from the door, so I went in to put the baby down," he said.

"As soon as I was coming back to move the vehicle, she had already starting to write the ticket and she said, in the most rude voice, 'You don't have to wait for the ticket. It'll be in the mail,'" Dunbar said.

He makes several trips inside with groceries over the next four minutes before she leaves.

Keith Scott, the city's director of complaints and investigations, said Parking Enforcement Services is aware of the incident and will be reviewing it.

"The focus of parking enforcement in neighbourhoods is the safe flow of traffic and overall safety of community members," Scott told CTV News Edmonton.

Dunbar doesn't believe he should have to pay the $100 fine, and is calling for better training for enforcement officers.