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'It's our duty': Edmonton group holds donation drive for children in Gaza


A group collecting donations for displaced residents of Gaza is asking for baby supplies.

Saturday was the second day of a donation drive by the Albertans United for the Children of Gaza.

The group turned an old shipping warehouse on Princess Elizabeth Avenue into a drop-off centre to collect humanitarian aid for children affected by the Israel-Hamas war.

"It's a tremendous turnout," said Thomas Lukaszuk, former deputy premier of Alberta, who helped organize the event. "We're hoping to be able to fill this entire room and fill multiple different warehouses."

Donations will be given to UNICEF and the Red Crescent Egypt, a partner of the Red Cross.

In addition to food, the group said diapers, formula and medications like children's pain killers are some of the most needed items. Bandages and other first aid supplies are also in high demand.

"I think it's our duty to show up for the people, for the children of Gaza and contribute in the way that we know," said organizer Labiqa Nazar. "This is the season of giving, so let's give."

Youssef Osman was at the centre Saturday to drop off food and other necessities. He said it was the least he could do.

"They're suffering," Osman said. "They have no food, they have no clothes, they have no nothing to survive the winter.

"They have no electricity, they have no stoves, they have nothing, so we should stand with them."

The group will be accepting donations at the warehouse on Princess Elizabeth Avenue and 102 Street until the end of the month. A full list of accepted supplies can be found here.

According to the Health ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza, more than 17,700 Palestinians have been killed in the Israel-Hamas war. Top Stories

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