The latest installment of KittenTV puts you right in the centre of a playful kitty universe.

The popular series — that was picked up by cable provider Telus Optik years ago — has ventured into virtual reality.

“It’s cuteness in all directions,” said Frederick Kroetsch, Director and Producer of KittenTV.

The Edmonton-based filmmaker shot the VR video last year.

Earlier this month it was released on YouTube.

“You can watch it on your laptop or your computer but it looks particularly cool when you watch it on your phone, on your YouTube app, and then you can actually look in all directions.”

Shooting 360-degree video challenging

Kroetsch said Telus pitched the idea of creating a virtual reality version of KittenTV. 

His team agreed to the challenge but they quickly realized they didn’t have the equipment to do it.

A few months later, GoPro released a 360-degree camera which made it possible. 

“It took us a while to design the set and figure out the geometry of it… You have a number of lenses that are super wide angle so if something gets too far away, it gets small very quickly and if it gets too close, it gets big very quickly.”

He said once the set was constructed, shooting was easy.

“You don’t really have a camera operator because the camera is in the middle of the set so you kind of throw in a bunch of cats and you get what you get!” 

“We just picked the coolest little moments of cats playing around and edit them all together.”

Seven seasons of KittenTV

Over seven seasons, KittenTV has offered episodes including “A Kitten Christmas”, “Space Kittens” and “Game of Yarns” — a play off the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

Kroestch said the series has done particularly well in the air. Emirates is one airline that has offered it on its flights. 

He said kids and cats also enjoy it.

“KittenTV is a great stress reliever and when you watch it in 360 it’s just that much more immersive.”