EDMONTON -- A Parkland County woman was held at gunpoint on her own property after returning home to a robbery in progress.

Stephanie Fodchuk says she came home to a strange vehicle in her driveway. At first she thought it was a package delivery, but quickly discovered she was being robbed.

"It was broad daylight. It wasn’t like it was 1 o'clock in the morning and pitch black, it was Father's Day at 3 in the afternoon," said Fodchuk.

Fodchuk's security footage appears to show four people stealing the family's truck, then returning to break into the garage.

Fodchuk says when she confronted them, one of the robbers pulled a gun on her.

"At first I was super angry and it turned to pure horror," said Fodchuk.

She said her husband, who was hours away from home, watched helplessly as the whole encounter unfolded on their security camera app.

"My husband's watching the whole thing happen in Grande Prairie and then obviously running to his truck and driving home. Cause I had sent a text to my family just saying like, 'We're being robbed, they have a gun,'" said Fodchuk.

Fodchuk says she ducked down in her truck and called 911, but says the gunman held the gun on her for "some time."

Police arrived within minutes of the 911 call, but the suspects got away.

The family's truck was later found near her home, said police.

"Everything in my life is now different than it was three weeks ago," said Fodchuk.

"I just had no clue, I normally look at the cameras, but the cameras go off when there's a bird or so, you just get complacent and you don't always look, well apparently I should have looked that day."

She said she felt fine the first few nights after the robbery, but then she began getting anxious and having panic attacks.

"Every time the camera goes off, it feels like somebody kicked me in the stomach," said Fodchuk. "It's absolute terror and I can't pull into my driveway without checking the cameras and I'm afraid to open the garage door, you know even in broad daylight, because they did it in broad daylight."

She says since the robbery they've begun adding more cameras, 16-foot gates, and a chain-link fence around their property.

"This is not a shady area by any means, right? So, it makes you feel even less secure," said Fodchuk.

Parkland RCMP say no arrests have been made, and they are still investigating.