An Edmonton Police Service tactical officer had a close call with opioids four months ago after what he calls a momentary lapse in his judgment.

Scott Innes, with protective equipment ready, was set to lead a group of officers into a suspected drug house, but when he was asked to search a suspect outside, he proceded without his gloves.

The officer then conducted a pat down search and pulled various items out of a suspect’s pockets.

Innes left the scene and started to feel sick while he was behind the wheel, and immediately called for help.

“I started to overheat, I started to sweat, I felt my pulse rate was starting to increase,” Innes said. “One of my guys jumped into my truck and drove me straight to the emergency.”

Doctors and nurses asked Innes what he came into contact with during the search, and after calling investigators and studying the substances, the dangerous drug revealed itself.

“It tested positive for fentanyl right away,” Innes said. “Such small trace amounts can be fatal in certain cases, so naturally I was concerned about that.”

Innes is now making sure that his gloves are close by at all times.

I thought, ‘of all the things I’ve gone through in this job, that’s the thing that’s going to be my demise.’ Can you imagine? All because I didn’t put my gloves on.”

With files from David Ewasuk