A deer caught on a Cameron Heights fence Wednesday afternoon was shot by a Fish and Wildlife officer.

Witnesses and Fish and Wildlife said the deer tried to jump the fence and got caught in the groin.

Fish and Wildlife decided to shoot the animal, as families and kids watched.

“This deer was impaled quite deeply into its groin and the damage was fairly substantial,” Dennis Prodan, a Fish and Wildlife officer, told CTV News. “It struggled a little bit in the fence too, so it increased the damage. In order to do the humane thing and lessen its suffering, the animal was put down and it was the only option.”

A deer was caught in the same fence on Nov. 3, and that was not the first time it happened.

“The neighbourhood has been quite interested in getting these fences changed. They're quite dangerous, they've got these sharp spear heads on the top of them and the animals seem to be getting caught on them quite a bit,” Cameron Heights resident Pardeep Dhillon said. “I think the city needs to make a change and not allow these types of fences where wildlife is close by.”

Ward 5 Councillor Sarah Hamilton said the issue is being looked into and hopes to have it resolved within a week.

Prodan said the fence is “obviously a problem” and urged people to be more conscious of the impact it has on wildlife.

“It’s not a good situation. It’s really an unfortunate situation,” Prodan said. “Unfortunately this one didn’t jump high enough and got caught on it.”

With files from Matt Woodman