An Edmonton man was been charged with second-degree murder more than two years after a six-month-old boy was killed.

Christopher Lamarche, 25, was arrested in Vancouver on July 5 in infant Jarock Humeniuk's death.

"Now that they've finally laid those charges some of that weight has finally lifted," Carol Humeniuk, Jarock's grandmother, told CTV News. 

"But it's always going to be there because Jarock should be there with us and he's not."

Humeniuk says Lemarche was Jarock's father. 

In the morning of May 28, 2017, police were called to a home near 142 Avenue and 77 Street by EMS. Jarock Humeniuk died on scene, from blunt force trauma, police later determined.

The boy's death was first considered suspicious, and then classified as a homicide.

"Jarock was a beautiful 6- month-old baby boy who did nothing to deserve that trauma he had to go through when that happened," said Humeniuk.

Lamarche is scheduled to appear in court the week of July 8, when he is back in Edmonton.