Weeks after the first city councillor put his name in the race for the mayor’s seat, a second councillor has followed suit.

Karen Leibovici officially declared her intention to run for mayor Thursday morning.

Leibovici said she decided to enter the race after current Mayor Stephen Mandel decided to not seek reelection.

She said the city needs a mayor with a strong track record with vision, however, balance is important.

“You need to be able to balance moving forward but also making sure that your services are being provided so to my mind that’s one of the same, they’re not mutually exclusive,” Leibovici said.

A number of current city councillors attended Thursday’s announcement – clearly absent though, was Leibovici’s competition in the mayoral race, Councillor Kerry Diotte.

Diotte was at his campaign office working his campaign; he didn’t discuss his competition, only saying it was good for democracy.

Kerry Diotte announced his intention to run for mayor in mid-May, he was the first on the mayoral ballot.

Leibovici is the third to announce her candidacy for mayor, after Diotte’s announcement, Ermineskin Community League President Curtis Penner also announced his plans to run.

Current Mayor Stephen Mandel announced May 21 that he would not seek reelection in the upcoming vote.

Coucillor Don Iveson will announce his intentions heading into the municipal election next week.

The municipal election is scheduled for October 21.

With files from Susan Amerongen