Five-year-old Ben Sieben loves the TV show S.W.A.T.

“Most people know that Benny loves anything police, fire, ambulance-wise…” his mom Vanessa Sieben says.

So when an opportunity to tour the RCMP K Division arose with the Kids with Cancer Society, the family took it.

“Even in hospital when he gets to pick from the treasure box after a poke… he’ll pick out the SWAT cars, the police cars, the fire trucks, the ambulances first.”

On Tuesday, Ben was one of five kids with cancer who were granted inside access to tactical equipment, service dog training and even an RCMP helicopter.

“We come in and we support them financially and as well, with experiences like this, because a lot of things Benny can't experience like a normal five-year-old would,” Ainsley Ferguson, with the society, said.

The experience was invaluable for both Benny and his family.

“The last years' been tough. We've been in Calgary for stem cell transplant and high-dose chemo,” explained Vanessa.

“So we’ve just been trying to enjoy days that are hospital free.”              

With files from David Ewasuk