EDMONTON -- Located at the east end of Whyte Avenue, Langano Skies is a gateway to Ethiopian flavours, style and traditions.

The Sumamo family has poured their life into this restaurant with Paul, his wife Amsale and one or more of their children always present. Amsale’s in the kitchen six days a week. If you order a meal from Langano Skies, it’s likely Amsale that prepares it.

Almost everything is prepared fresh the moment you order, right down to the injera bread. If you’re looking for a gluten-free option, they’ll substitute rice. But, I’m told that if there’s no injera bread, it’s not really an Ethiopian meal.

Injera is a spongy flatbread that’s both food and utensil. Tear off a piece of injera and scoop away at your meal.

I’m a big fan of the spicy lentils. However, the Classen recommendation is the Kitfo. That’s basically a raw ground beef in spices, that’s served with a delicious dollop of homemade ibe cheese. Paul Sumamo takes special care to grind the beef himself to prepare it safely and properly. Then, Amsale warms it briefly in the pan and IT. IS. INCREDIBLE.

Ethiopian food is made to share. Meals are served communally on a large platter. So, grab your friends and family and head to 99 Street and Whyte Avenue for a taste of Ethiopia.