EDMONTON -- It's been a busy three months at the Edmonton International Airport. 

EIA has welcome new flights to Germany, signed up to be the world’s first airport drone delivery hub and debuted a new security screening system.

But amid those announcements, the airport is also home to its share of close calls and out-of-nowhere incidents that affect pilots, passengers, crews and staff. 

CTV News reviewed Transport Canada reports through its civil aviation daily occurrence reporting system (CADORS) which provides public, preliminary reports on incidents involving any Canadian-registered aircraft and events that happen at Canadian airports or in Canadian airspace.

Many reports are of minor navigational errors, bird strikes and other incidents that don't affect flights. But the reports also give an insight into what those who work for and at EIA can deal with on any given day. 

Here are eight of the stranger incidents there over the past three months. 


On Nov. 22, a Jazz flight from Winnipeg reported it was being illuminated by a green laser somewhere west/southwest of the city's downtown core. Eleven days later on Dec. 3, a WestJet plane from Los Cabos, Mexico also reported a green laser attempting to strike the aircraft. The pilots weren't affected and told authorities the laser appeared to be coming from the town of Devon.


On Dec.1,  WestJet Encore flight from Calgary bounced after initial touchdown during landing. The aircraft was directed for another approach and landed safely. 


A Jazz flight from Yellowknife attempting to land on Nov. 21 aborted its landing on final approach due to a passenger walking around in the cabin. 


On Oct. 30, a Canadian North flight bound for Calgary experienced smoke in the cockpit during engine start-up while at the gate. Smoke entered the flight deck at which point a number of flight instruments failed. The crew shut down the engine and evacuated the aircraft. No passengers were on board. The aircraft, a Dash 8-300, was removed from service pending an investigation and maintenance. 


On Nov. 20, a FedEx cargo flight from Memphis, Tenn., was given landing instruction but didn't turn in the direction expected by the control tower. This put it on a course converging with a WestJet Encore flight from Regina. The tower intervened and directed the FedEx aircraft away from the other flight. Both planes landed safely. 


Because of a mistake during a staffing change, an undeclared dangerous goods package was loaded onto a Canadian North flight bound for Yellowknife on Oct. 4. The package was discovered during routine screening and was eventually flown to Yellowknife where it was last being held. 


A passenger on a Nov. 19 WestJet flight destined for Vancouver was taken off a plane by police for unruly behaviour. The passenger was reportedly verbally abusive to the crew and others onboard before being escorted off the flight and escorted to the baggage claim by Mounties. The passenger was re-booked to fly on a later flight.


On Sept. 4, a Jazz flight from Calgary to Edmonton on final approach performed a missed approach and aborted its landing attempt due to inadequate spacing with another arriving Jazz flight from Kelowna.