A popular holiday display in Leduc County is threatening to close for good following a season of bad behaviour from some guests.

Doug and Yvonne Ruel are the couple behind Leduc Country Lights and say it "may stop existing if people don't start respecting the light display.”

For the first time in about a decade of creating the winter wonderland, Doug said they had to kick out a family this weekend because of disrespectful behavior.

“I am incredibly disappointed that it came down to that,” said Doug in a social media post.

The family said on one night alone it had to replace 43 strings of lights because children and adults were swinging on them.

“Enough is enough,” said Doug. “We have simple rules so everyone can enjoy the displays in a safe environment.”

Leduc Country Lights is free and collects food for the local food bank. Last year, more than 27,000 kilograms of food and $19,000 was donated.

Sunday is the final night for the elaborate display.  

The Ruels are asking the public to help them curb bad behaviour by helping to ask people to pick up their garbage and to stay behind roped off areas.

“(If you) see some kids throwing snowballs and kicking our characters, tell them to stop.”