EDMONTON -- The rig that symbolizes the start of an oil-rich era in Alberta history made its way home on Thursday.

Leduc No. 1 had sat for two decades at the visitor centre in Edmonton’s Gateway Park.

In November, crews began dismantling the derrick so it could be returned to the Energy Discovery Centre in Devon.

Oil was first found at Leduc No. 1 in 1947.

"It was February 13, 1947. It was very cold, but 500 people did actually gather to see the rig come into the location and to strike oil." said Stephanie Hoult.

The well is considered by many historians as the start of Alberta’s oil prosperity.

According to the Energy Discovery Centre, the famous rig ended up in Edmonton after it was replaced by newer, more advanced equipment.

When the City of Edmonton decided in 2014 to close the park’s visitor centre, the derrick became in need of a new home.

The Energy Discovery Centre plans to restore the equipment.