An Edmonton couple are the only Canadians in the running for a $100,000 dream wedding.

David and Andrea entered the contest after they met online at Plenty of Fish.

The couple says it didn’t take long for them to fall in love.

“Our first date was okay,” Andrea laughed. “It’s kind of like an interview, you’re nervous.”

They meet for drinks at Earl’s on the south side for their first date and quickly decided to meet again a couple days later.

“Our second date was amazing. That’s when we had chemistry and it was just so comfortable.” Andrea said, adding the couple met for dinner at the Mongolie Grill.

That was also the scene of their first kiss.

“I was nervous, kind of fidgety and Dave went in for the kiss,” she smiled.

“From that moment we knew we had something really special. We wanted to continue seeing each other.”

“I knew after our kiss Andrea had everything I could ever hope for,” David said.

That night, he called his friends to tell them he had met his match and he proposed in March, 2012.

The couples have set September 7 as their wedding date and said whether they win the contest or not they still plan a small gathering.

“We wouldn’t change anything or make it more elaborate,” Andrea said adding she would like to go on a fabulous honeymoon if they do win.

The contest began at the end of December and the last day to vote is February 7.

Organizers said they plan to divulge the winning couple by Valentine’s Day.

“We wanted to use these stories as an encouraging reminder to our users,” Plenty of Fish product manager, Sarah Gooding told CTV News over the phone.

“That special someone could be out there for them as well.”

Gooding confirmed that David and Andrea are the only finalists from Canada.

She also said the site sees a 20 per cent increase in January and February.

“It’s after the New Years; people are trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions and sometimes for singles that means meeting someone. It’s also a cold time of year you want to snuggle up to someone.”

The site boasts 55 million users across the globe.

With files from Amanda Anderson