Some Edmonton food bloggers went head-to-head in a culinary cook off at Churchill Square Sunday.

The food challenge was a part of the first annual Atco Gas Cook-Off, which includes two competitions involving local food bloggers and local chefs.

Sunday’s challenge was the Food Truck Entrée Cook-Off where local foodies Michelle Peters Jones (@michpetersjones), Teresa Lin (@DishCrawlYEG) and Phil Wilson (@baconhound) were asked to create an entrée using unique Albertan products with local chefs judging the dishes.

Wilson took home the golden trophy in the end, with his classic family dinner done “food truck style.”

He created tiny meatloaf made of ground beef, pork and sausage and gorgonzola cheese, wrapped in bacon, with sweet potato and cream cheese mashed potatoes.

“It was really stressful couple of weeks trying to figure out what I was going to make. My two competitors are both really talented so I was a little bit nervous,” Wilson said.

He said he was happy to win but felt the pressure throughout the entire competition.

“When you’re used to cooking for people you know, just friends and family, there’s not really much stress involved, but when you’re doing this kind of thing and there’s professional chefs trying to judge you and pick apart your dish, you have to think a little bit more of what you’re going to put into it,” Wilson said, crediting the bacon in his creation as what helped him take home the winning title.

Lin created a "Feisty Chicken Bowl" and Peters Jones whipped up a "Chicken Biriyani."

Organizers say it just made sense to hold the cook off during this year’s Taste of Edmonton.

“The food truck industry is really growing and it’s very current,” said Giuseppe Albi, general manager of Events Edmonton.

“There’s a lot of tweeting and blogging going on and it’s really a natural event to be staged today. It’s something you wouldn’t have done in past years. It’s because of the connectivity with foodies and blogging and so forth that this kind of event can take place today.”

The “Cooking with the Stars” BBQ Cook-Off takes place Monday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and will pair three Edmonton-based chefs with three food bloggers to compete.

Giuseppe said there's a lot of potential for the creation of other food-related competitions at next year’s Taste of Edmonton.