EDMONTON -- A local mental health charity is hosting a garage sale to help raise money for their support programs.

Shoppers can pick up toys, books, movies and more at the Prosper Place Clubhouse in west Edmonton. The items for sale were all donated by the community over the past month.

The money raised all goes towards improving Prosper Place’s programs, which help with the social aspects of mental health recovery.

Jessica Meilleur, the culture manager for Prosper Place, explains that with COVID-19 limiting the events they’ve been able to do this year, the sale is very important.

“One, we of course need to get our fundraising dollars, and two, we really want to let people know we’re here.”

Meilleur adds that you can expect to see members of the program around the sale as well.

“Our members are here, and they are running the garage sale. This is their event and they feel so proud to show you what they have done and welcome you to Prosper Place.”

The sale is broken up into different rooms depending on the value of the item. Shoppers must wear masks sanitize their hands before entering. All items are paid for at the end of the one-way traffic path.

The fundraiser runs Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Prosper Place Clubhouse on 172 street and 104 avenue.