An Edmonton mother is looking to set a unique world record this Sunday during the 28th annual Edmonton Marathon. 

Natalie Shanahan is a competitive runner and mother to twin 14-month-old girls. They'll be with her this weekend as Shanahan seeks to set the world record for running a half marathon with a double stroller. 

"Initially it was really hard, really hard now it's a fact of life," she said. "Every run is with the stroller." 

Shanahan is a member of Canada's 24-hour running team. She says running helps her mental health and fends off depression and anxiety. 

"I want my girls to know you can do anything you can put your mind to." 

Shanahan says her girls usually enjoy the ride, laughing and talking until they fall asleep. 

"If they're crying that'll be motivation to run faster and get it over with."  

She'll be looking to break the current record of one hour, 31 minutes and 45 seconds. She says her goal is to shave nearly two minutes off that and finish in an even 90 minutes. 

"I tear up thinking about crossing the finish line and setting this goal."

With files from Amanda Anderson