Pharmacists in Edmonton told CTV News Wednesday the injectable form of the vaccine is in short supply – although there are plenty of doses of the nasal spray form of the vaccine still available.

According to a number of pharmacists in the city, they’ve been told that once the stock of the vaccine they have in their pharmacies has run out, not much of it is currently available in Edmonton-area warehouses.

“There is limited supply, you have to do your homework to try and find it, but I think you can still find it,” Pharmacist Lidia Molinara said.

Molinara said she wasn’t concerned with the apparently limited supply of the vaccine – she said the alternative, the FluMist nasal spray, is an option Albertans have not yet warmed up to.

“It’s available to you, so that’s better than having none of them or both of them unavailable.”

AHS officials claim there is no vaccine shortage – but said the situation is more about logistics.

A spokesperson said in an e-mail that AHS is in the process of redistributing the injectable vaccine to areas that need it – adding that those who are waiting for that supply have been offered the FluMist nasal spray in the meantime.

With files from Carmen Leibel