An Edmonton business has galvanized kids to help other kids by hosting 30 lemonade stands in a single day.

Simply Supper helped organize the lemonade stands throughout the city to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

The company supplied lemonade mix and cups and in exchange, young entrepreneurs needed to supply their own stand or table, juice jug, change for customers, decorations and of course, the labour.

“We really gave them the tools in this kit. We gave them a poster to create their own marketing. We encouraged them to sell other items so some are selling cupcakes, popcorn, rainbow loom all kinds of fun stuff,” Simply Supper owner, Monita Chapman, explained.

The effort was part of what Simply Supper has dubbed the Ronald McDonald House month.

“Simply Supper Helps is a charity organization we have created at Simply Supper to help people who are just going through a tough time,” Chapman said.

Customers have been invited to donate and volunteer for the charity in the month of August.

The event even took over social media under the hashtag #lemonadestandday2014.

Ten-year-old Caroline said she simply wanted to help out.

“They help families who don’t have a place to stay and if their children get sick they give them a place to stay near their children.”

The company allowed host families to post their own prices and requested that half of the proceeds be donated back to them to support the Ronald McDonald House.

Chapman said they hoped to make it an annual event.

“We are going to set our goals higher for next year and we are going to do this every year in August.”

With files from Amanda Anderson