EDMONTON -- Right Reverend Jane Alexander is one of a handful of female Anglican Bishops in the entire country.

Friday is her last day – retiring after 13 years at the position.

“Just so many happy memories,” Bishop Alexander told CTV News at the All Saints Cathedral Friday morning.

“It has been so much time together and 13 years is a heck of a long time and I think in any kind of ministry you’re just invited into peoples lives at these incredibly emotional times for folk.”

When asked what her most memorable accomplishments have been over the course of 13 years, Bishop Alexander cited her efforts speaking out in favour of same-sex marriage, her involvement with Truth and Reconciliation, and working to help end poverty in the Capital Region within one generation.

"In any generation, in a community, something comes along that's a little bit outrageous,” she explained, “so the idea that we could end poverty in Edmonton within a generation 'wow, incredible so how would we do that?’ and to be invited to be part of that along with Mayor Iveson and his team was just an incredible blessing."

As for her retirement plans? “I don’t know,” laughed Bishop Alexander.

“That sounds crazy because people say you must have some idea… no I absolutely have no idea.”

“I know I’m being called away so someone else can come, so that bit is fine. My family – children and grandchildren – are all here in Edmonton so I know there will be more with that because this job takes you away a fair bit.”

An online farewell service for Bishop Alexander is planned for Saturday from 3 to 5 p.m. The service will be live-streamed.